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12 Years Experience!

I started working as a designer and photographer in Jazireh Advertising Agency in 2006. Throughout all these years I tried my best to each as much experience as I could in the field of industrial photography more specifically in photography of production lines, industrial products, and architectural structures and be a part of the elite industrial photographers.
Along with working as a photographer, I tried building up my skills in industrial and advertising videography and industrial photo editing. I have also held few photography workshops and had few photography course taught to industrial manufacturing companies.

Jazireh Advertising

Designer & Photographer

2006 - 2013
Along with studying Mechanics in university and passing 4 semesters, and because of the interest that I had in designing and graphics, I started my work at Jazireh Advertising Agency in 2006 as a designer, and later on as a photographer until 2013.
Studio Nine

CEO & Photographer

2013 - 2018
After 7 years of working at Jazireh Advertising Agency and earning valuable experiences, in 2013 I decided to establish a separate office with my brother, to focus specifically on industrial photography, and have been working as the head of editing and photography group.
Megat Group

Member of the Board

2013 - 2018
Along with the establishment of Nine Industrial Photography Studio, I have been working as a member of the board and head of the design department in Melal Gostar Asia Tamaddon company with MEGAT trademark, in 2013.

Member of the Board

2016 - 2018
One of the subsidiaries of Nine Photography Studio, was ProNine company that was established in the field of modelling and fashion photography, and I have been the head of editing and photography group in this company since then.
Nine Plus


2017 - 2018
In 2017, and after earning valuable experience in professional editing and industrial photography and working with over 350 reputable brands, an institute was formed with the purpose of teaching principles of industrial photography and professional editing, and I have been working there as an instructor since then.