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Hello, I'm
Nima Abolghasemi

Industrial Photographer & Editor


Nima Abolqasemi was born on December 15, 1984 in an artistic family. As as youngster, he learned the basics of art from his father, Mohammad Hadi Abolghasemi, who was a famous painter in Iran, and gradually became interested in photography. He completed his studies in mathematics and was applied for Mechanical Engineering in university. While studying in the field of engineering, he improved his skills in photography and related software, and learned its academic techniques and principles. Since 2006, he started working as an industrial photographer in his father’s and brother’s advertising agency, and due to his hard works and the valuable experiences he earned throughout these years, he turned into a professional and popular industrial photographer. In 2013, he founded an independent industrial photography studio with his brother, and has been working as director of Nine Studio’s photography and retouching department since then.
Nima Abolghasemi, who also has experience in teaching photography and industrial retouching, and establishing workshops for industrial photography, especially photography of production lines and architecture, is also active in the field of industrial filming and editing of industrial and promotional films.

  • Name: Nima Abolghasemi
  • Email: Lab@Studio9.co
  • Phone: +98-912-4021720
  • Date of birth: 15 December 1984
  • Address: No. 46, After Kaj St, South Esteghlal Blvd, Azimieh, Karaj, Alborz State, Iran
  • Nationality: Iran

My Skills

Just Some of My Awesome Skills

Expert skill in different fields of photography, working with photography and retouch software, applied plugins, along with image and video editing software.

Industrial Photography

Expert, 12 years

Photography Instruction

Expert, 3 years

Industrial Retouch

Expert, 10 years

Industrial Videography

Expert, 1 years


Here is a quick list of plugins which I have mastered and worked with.

  • Autopano Giga
  • Panotour
  • Capture1 Pro
  • HDR Photomatix
  • DXO Plugins
  • Macphun Plugins
  • Topaz Plugins
  • FXhome Photokey Plagin

Software Skills

Main software that I have worked with, plus my sill rate for each of them.

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Plugins
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects


12 Years Experience!

I started working as a designer and photographer in Jazireh Advertising Agency in 2006. Throughout all these years I tried my best to each as much experience as I could in the field of industrial photography more specifically in photography of production lines, industrial products, and architectural structures and be a part of the elite industrial photographers.
Along with working as a photographer, I tried building up my skills in industrial and advertising videography and industrial photo editing. I have also held few photography workshops and had few photography course taught to industrial manufacturing companies.

Jazireh Advertising

Designer & Photographer

2006 - 2013
Along with studying Mechanics in university and passing 4 semesters, and because of the interest that I had in designing and graphics, I started my work at Jazireh Advertising Agency in 2006 as a designer, and later on as a photographer until 2013.
Studio Nine

CEO & Photographer

2013 - 2018
After 7 years of working at Jazireh Advertising Agency and earning valuable experiences, in 2013 I decided to establish a separate office with my brother, to focus specifically on industrial photography, and have been working as the head of editing and photography group.
Megat Group

Member of the Board

2013 - 2018
Along with the establishment of Nine Industrial Photography Studio, I have been working as a member of the board and head of the design department in Melal Gostar Asia Tamaddon company with MEGAT trademark, in 2013.

Member of the Board

2016 - 2018
One of the subsidiaries of Nine Photography Studio, was ProNine company that was established in the field of modelling and fashion photography, and I have been the head of editing and photography group in this company since then.
Nine Plus


2017 - 2018
In 2017, and after earning valuable experience in professional editing and industrial photography and working with over 350 reputable brands, an institute was formed with the purpose of teaching principles of industrial photography and professional editing, and I have been working there as an instructor since then.


About My Education

A little information about my education, my field of study in university, academic courses I have taken, and skills that I earned all these years.


Industrial Photography

2010 - 2015
Along with earning experience and using methods of the most popular international photographers like Karl Taylor and Scot Kelby, and passing academic courses for industrial photography, I have been working in this field of art.

Industrial Retouch

Industrial photography is imperfect without the required knowledge for editing images. Therefore I managed to reach high levels of skills in industrial retouch after passing academic courses of retouching methods and principles, and learning through tutorials of very reputable companies like Lynda.
Azad University

Manufacturing Engineering

Along with working as an industrial photographer, I graduated in Mechanical Engineering (manufacturing and production) and this help me a lot to have a perfect view and understanding of industrial machinery and the process of production.


Companies and Organizations

A list of reputable companies and organizations that I worked with, regarding various photography services.

Car Industry

List of companies and organizations in car industry.

  1. Persia Khodro
  2. Beshel Motors
  3. Raad Ravesh
  4. Fara Sanat
  5. Shiraz Bolbering
  6. Omid Arka Holding
  7. Farzanegan Holding
  8. Pul Astara Sanat
  1. Mozhdeh Vasl Shirza
  2. Kian Baspar
  3. Behin Polymer Asia
  4. Azin Taneh
  5. No’Avaran Abri
  6. Jahan Tormoz
  7. Pouyesh Part Simin
  8. Derakhshan Saaz
  1. Liazob Foundry
  2. Pars Cast Iron
  3. Boosh Bearings
  4. Shetabkar
  5. Alborz Forge
  6. Iran Khodro Forging
  7. Iran Khodro

Production Lines

List of factories and companies with photographs of their production lines.

  1. Mapna Industrial Group
  2. Moghtader EST Engineers
  3. Caterpillar
  4. Sepid Plast
  5. Samen Ferforging
  6. Tehran Shargh
  7. Tacno Gas
  8. Mahyar Gas (Taysez)
  1. Khales-Sazan
  2. Sane’ Rooy Zanjan
  3. Zarin Ma’dan Asia
  4. Rooygostaran Industries
  5. Iranian Massicot and Zinc
  6. Kimia Gostaran
  7. Hardstone
  8. Arian Glass
  1. Fara Beauty
  2. Pakrokh
  3. Sormeh (Saviz)
  4. Pakshoo Industrial Group
  5. Aram Gostar
  6. Mahan Decor
  7. Lisa Mori Crystals
  8. Arcelik Home Appliances

Food Products

List of factory and companies in food industry.

  1. Kadbanoo (Delpazir)
  2. Zar Macaron Group
  3. Zar Fructose
  4. Yek-o-Yek
  5. Istak
  6. Arpanoosh
  7. Behnoush Iran
  8. Manizan Dairy
  1. Nadi Cookies
  2. Farmand Chocolate
  3. Bernotti Chocolate
  4. Achachi Chocolate
  5. Ashi Mashi
  6. Frisky Energy Drink
  7. Shakelli Dairy
  8. Baraka Chocolate
  1. Shahrzad Tea
  2. Gorji Biscuits
  3. Bilordi Chocolate
  4. Namino
  5. Varna Dairy
  6. Sanjabak
  7. Virtal Chocolate
  8. Abshan Honey

Architecture & Decoration

List of architectural organizations with interior / exterior design photographs.

  1. Alborz Engineering Organization
  2. Iger Kitchen Systems
  3. Baam Construction Group
  4. Arian Construction Group
  5. Altoncourt Construction Group
  1. Palladium Trading Center
  2. Sarzamin Ajayeb Fairy Land
  3. Meer Construction Group
  4. Bana Ark Engineers
  5. Fazlollahi Construction Group

Hotels & Restaurants

List of hotels and restaurants.

  1. Eskan Alvand Hotel
  2. Atawich Fast Food Chains
  3. Lamzi Restaurant
  4. Etazh Cafe & Restaurant
  1. Diako Restaurant Chains
  2. Milad Tower Restaurant
  3. Bizans Restaurant
  4. Tika Restaurant Chains
  1. Oscar Mayer Fast Food
  2. Nanochi Restaurant
  3. Duet Restaurant
  4. Jam-e-Jam Restaurant


Let's Keep In Touch

I have provided my contact information here for you, in case you need to get more details about me or my work. I will try to be as quick as possible to reply to you. Feel free to call me or send me an email.

Nima Abolghasemi
No. 46, After Kaj St, South Esteghlal Blvd, Azimieh, Karaj, Alborz State, Iran

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    Nima Abolghasemi